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Article Submissions Wanted!

Contributions for articles are needed.

  • Do you have a particular area of expertise or field of knowledge that you would like to share to other survival and self reliant individuals and groups?
  • Have you had a life saving experience or know of certain procedures that would benefit others of like mind?
  • Are you active duty or prior military that wishes to write detailed information about your MOS or experiences?
  • Commercial businesses, do you have a press release on products beneficial to survival?

We need articles on the follwing topics for YOUR upcoming issues:

- Alternative energy
- Automobile and equipment maintenance
- Communications
- Equipment evaluation
- Field medicine and first aid
- Gardening
- Home repair
- Hunting
- Self defense
- Weather
- Whatever interests you the reader!

Editorial Contributions:

Article contributions and Press releases are welcomed and encouraged from all individuals, groups, or commercial businesses. It is requested that text material be E-mailed to OSM as an attachement in; ASCII (.txt), or preferrably HTML (.html or .htm) format. Any photos or pictures to accompany the text should also be sent via E-mail as an attachement in either (.gif) or (.jpg) formats. If you need to send the material via snail-mail (post office), please send your manuscript typed on plain white paper (on computer disc if possible) and any photos to

Haut Communications 932 Pinhurst Dr. Atlanta, GA 30339
A model release is required for any persons that appear in your photos. To return photos please send a self addressed stamped envelope.

OSM reserves the right to use and edit any material submitted at the discression of the publisher.

We can only grow and improve with your involvment and cooperation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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