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The Caretaker Gazette

WHY PAY RENT, OR MAKE MORTGAGE PAYMENTS, WHEN YOU CAN LIVE RENT-FREE? The Caretaker Gazette contains property caretaking/housesitting job openings, advice and information for property caretakers, housesitters & landowners." If you ever wanted to learn more about property caretaking opportunities, have we got the newsletter for you: The Caretaker Gazette" concludes Mother Earth News. Published since 1983, subscribers receive 500+ property caretaking job opportunities each year, worldwide. Some estate management positions start at $50,000/yr + benefits. Subscriptions: $24/yr.

Contact information:

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The Crucible

To all survivalists: We are a professional group of survivalists from all over the country that keep in touch by our monthly newsletter. We are a non- radical organization that also keeps all information on our members confidential.

We prepare for future events that are comming, and will include information on these threats. We have designated retreat areas where members will go to in case of a severe event where your survival depends on being with other highly skilled survivalists.

To receive our highly informative information packet e-mail us at:, or

The Crucible
PO Box 157
Kaukauna, WI 54130

please send $2.00 to offset the cost so our members dont have to be burdened by it. The cost to become a full member is only $20.00 for a year.

Dragon's Lair Farm

We offer "Ready Reserve" and "Emergency Essentials" foods.

Do you have a realistic food storage plan? In addition, we also offer our "Personalized food storage planning service". For a $10.00 fee you recieve two informational pamphlets (food storage & Non-food storage) and a questionnaire.

Our pamphlets deal with how you can do your own food packaging, lists several foods that will keep almost indefinatly and some ideas about how to get more food for less money. They also explain what "freeze drying "& "nitrogen packaging" are and what they do..

We then compile a food storage plan, based on your answers and send your customized report back to you. You have no further obligation to buy from us.

However, the $10.00 for the planning service is refundable with your first order of $100.00 or more, from us. Customers do not need to take advantage of our planning service in order to buy food through us.

A current price list will be sent on request. We also have various pamphlets on "Homesteading", for $2.50 each. (includes postage)

Contact information:

Dragon's Lair Farm
P.O.Box 6143
Marianna, FL 32447

phone: 1-904-762-4124
web page: coming soon!

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