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Survivalists Network

This is a directory listing of survivalists who wish to network and correspond with others of similar interests. To be added to this list send your E-mail address and/or mailing address to OSM with a brief message. (50 words or less) This is a free service and we discourage the "romance" personals. This list is not sold and no mass e-mails will be sent or tolerated.

West. Canada;

Would like to get in youch with others in Alberta and surrounding areas to work to-gether for a common goal of making the coming hard times easier to take. We can accomplish alot if we work to-gether. I look forward to hearing from all intersted parties, except NO racists.
Contact me at:


South central PENNSYLVANIA Y2K is about to slap the world in the face. Perhaps hard enough to destroy our society. We are trying to bring other families/individuals into our farming community area to build a group. Houses/homes are available at good prices. Jobs are available. Would you like to have someone nearby you can call for help when it gets rough ? So would we. Interested ?


Outdoor Wilderness Survival Group,
Its time to get ready. O.W.S.G. is accepting new members. Are you ready? We are.For more information E-mail me at Together we will SURVIVE. O.W.S.G. is a nationwide network.


Northeast TN,
Small group looking for dedicated individuals. No armchair survivors, racists, or radicals accepted. Families are encouraged. We are a non-political group, we have no agenda other than the business of survival.


Northeast Wisconsin,
We are a family based group looking for others of like mind to network ideas. We are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. If you are in Wisconsin, drop us a line. We would love to hear from you. Racists and other nuts need not respond.


We are forming small group in New Jersey. Think Asia crises will be catalyst that will start many problems in US Interested in talking to other groups of responsible people Someone will have to be around to start over


I am looking for ,people who ,have similar beliefs and live in West


New to the L.A. area. Particularly, the San Fernando Valley and I am interested in contecting with other survivalists and I'd Like to know about meetings and training. Thanks, Oleeta


Iowa survivalist looking for local contacts and worldwide correspondence. Everyone welcome. Please write to:

Paul Bell
P.O. Box 1894
Iowa City, IA 52244

Western NC;

Forming a group in Western NC, looking for people of all types who are willing to learn or already have knowledge to share. All replies confidental. Time is counting down. Reply soon.


My name is James Eischen and I am a CoSysop at I am a member of a Small Group of Concerned Citizens that are3 in the process of organizing a Survival Group on behalf of our families. We hope things never come to it but if there were to be a government colaps or 3rd World War we at S.E.A.D.S. hope to be prpaired to protect our selves and our families the the fall. I would be intrested in networking with others in the hopes of sharing Information, Ideas, and Resorces just in case... I can be reacheced at the board or via E-mail at

North America;

We are looking for other survivalists through out the North American Continent for possibly forming survival teams in each state. We believe that with knowledge , resources and teamwork that anything is survivable.

Knoxville, TN;

I am interested in local Survivalist contacts and resources.

Miles Haberly
5609 Villa Road
Knoxville, TN 37918


I am a 13 years veteran of guerilla warfare in Malaysia(Including Borneo), currently running a jungle survival school in my own 1000 plus multi-terrained jungles, looking for private non-military clubs, associations or groups interested on " in country " jungle survival training. We teach " Doing what you have to do at Where you are with What you have with OR around you " in the Jungle that is Neutral and Too big to be left Unexplored. Would appreciate bona fide non-military survival knowledge seeking people interested in making the jungle a friendly environment to trek into, sleep in, survive off and from it. I have experience in first class guerilla warfare and teaching elements from the British, Australian and NZealand SAS units. My call sign is BanditLeader and my group is known as Utan Bara Adventure Team


Looking for finances to build our survival community. Plans made......finances needed! For those interested in belonging to and living at a survivalist community and are able to contribute financially, contact Money is the key to our successfully building our survival community. Native American ways are practiced and respected!


I am looking for young adults in the northesast who would like to do something about the problem this country has gotten into. I am looking for people who are young and experienced in survival. Anyone is welcome except fo racists I am trying to form a group. please send replies to: or
Ian Stones
10 Winthrop Rd
Bethel CT 06801


I beleive we should be ready for the future and all it's uncertainty. Be prepared or be left out!
W. Hunt Jr.


Pagan Survivalist, would like to network with those w/ simuliar views! Use your intuition, Mother Earth is getting tired of getting shit upon. She's not going to take it much longer! Now is the time to prepare!
Mark Mortinson


Interested in exchanging or recieving and and all info on possible future problems, in the survival line, as stock market drop, civil war, national war, nuc-war etc. Any info will be kept just "in case", my family or future generations need the info to stay alive. I come from a farming family for 5 generations past. and worry about my children and their children's future...Any foreseeable problems in the next 2 years?????.


ex-army ranger, long range surveillance. Interested in networking, especially in Indiana. Would like to hear from any spec-ops grunts or survivalist. Also interested in hearing from any militias in Ind. or Midwestern states.check my site for info, or e-mail me at.


Looking for fellow survivalists in Southwest area. No radicals.

Southern Ontario Canada;

Survivalist looking for contacts in the Southern Ontario area. All ads will be responded to A.S.A.P. Interest Groups and individuals.

North Queensland;

Survivalists in Queensland? I thought I must have been the only one! I'd like to contact like minded people who are :- intelligent, sane, rational, have a sense of humour. Not religion and conspiracy nuts.


Student of survivalism / primitive skills / firearms / military science. Seeking to expand / exchange my knowledge with other pilgrims. Got an open mind to all serious people who got something interesting to say.


South Eastern Texas... Established organization that fit's within Tri-States phylosphy seeking family oriented people, singles ok, people with patience a must, and willing to comply to our qualifications / standards of preparedness. Day dreamers, Walter Mitty types, parasites, and similar personality disorders need not apply. EMail Expect detailed background check.


Looking for survivalists in New South Wales Prefer Hawksbury/Blue Mountains area. E-mail address is


Montreal, I am looking for a qualified tracking (wildlife and mantracking) instructor either an individual, a group or a school in the area around Montreal (+ or minus 100 miles). I have been into hunting and survivalism all my life so armchair or "book" experts need not waste my time. My E-mail address is


I am a middle-aged father of two. I am aghast at what is happening to my country and I fear for the future of my children. I welcome the chance to communicate with others who perceive the same problem. My personal email address is

New York;

Northern NYC Suburbs, Emergency Physician/US Army-USCG vet./Seek like-minded individuals in my area. I am not a nut! I want to develop a bug-out plan for dangerous times. E-mail and we can discuss it.


Eastern North Carolina, Survivalist for past 15 years. Would like to make contact with other persons or groups in the area for exchange in Ideas and skills. I am a firearms instructor and willing to train individuals or groups in combat shooting and weapons training. Pro constitution,anti NWO,pro gun My E-mail address


Looking to make contacts here in Australia, particularly in Queensland. Serious survivalists only, prefer LDS faith.

NJ, PA area;

I am looking for any groups in the NJ, PA area based upon survival. I am new to NJ and wish to come in contact with some groups ot this background. Thank you for any help you can offer.


Ex-Green Beret looking to link up with others who are sick of watching country going up in smoke. I am based in Iowa. E-mail if interested.


25/m,ex-army ranger, long range surveillance. Interested in networking, especially in pierce county. Would like to hear from any spec-ops or police background individuals. Also interested in hearing from any militias in WA state. e-mail me at

Southeast Ohio;

Looking to relocate to southeast Ohio. Need a good neighbor? Doctor of Chiropractic. Former CNC machine tool operator, veteran, welder, high power compition rifleman. I build harps, dulcimers and spinning wheels for a hobby and do middle ages reenacting. Wife quilts. Kids are homeschooled and polite. Philosophicaly a pragmatic libertarian. contact;


I have recently taken an interest in survivalism and weaponry.I am a registered nurse living in southern Quebec Canada.I would like to visit and network with survivalist groups and individuals who are willing to share their knowledge with me. e-mail me at


Anyone looking to correspond or needing information on survival, Small Arms or Land navigation related topics, please feel free to visit: SAMURAI 5

Northwest Tennessee;

I am interested in starting a survivalists group in Northwest Tennessee. If there is such a group in this area, I would like to hear from them.

Arkansas And N.W. Florida;

Anyone thinking about joining a group or looking for a survival retreat feel free to contact us. We are for real and not "arm chair survivalists" and would like to hear from


Looking to network with others in and around the state of MARYLAND. If you think that you may be interested in belonging to a group drop us a line.


Milos Soldatovic: imagecom@eunet.yu or

LinkExchange Member

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