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Survival Communications

survival communications


Guide to Emergency Survival Communications is the first complete, up-to-date book dealing with the most important area of preparedness -- SURVIVAL COMMUNICATIONS. The ability to receive accurate and timely information in time of crisis can be lifesaving! This new and informative book covers in depth the many types of communications systems that are available to anyone in time of need, detailing where these can be found--on shortwave, amateur radio citizens band, federal services, weather services, overseas news services, plus many more important sources of vital information and programming.

"Survival Communications" shows you where to find the necessary equipment, how to choose the proper equipment, and build your communications system. It also outlines ways to keep in touch with your friends using simple radio equipment without having to take a radio license test of any kind.

"Survival Communications" helps you build and setup your systems using emergency power sources, many types of inexpensive solar power systems, small generator systems, and back-up emergency battery systems that work when the power grid goes down. Many other unusual alternate power sources are thoroughly covered. "Survival Communications" also covers building and using inexpensive satellite radio systems that can be powered by alternate power sources, solar, wind, generator, or battery systems. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE NECESSARY COMMUNICATIONS IN TIME OF NEED! The book contains twelve full chapters, plus a supplement listing equipment and information sources (200 Pages).

"Survival Communicatons" sells for $20.00 plus $4.00 shipping by Priority Mail and can be obtained from:

4555 Groves Road, Suite 12
Columbus, Ohio 43232-4135

PHONE: 614-866-4605
FAX: 614-866-1201

WINDRUNNER, 50 Cal. Rifle

50 cal

First Defense International introduces a brand new model.50 Cal. Rifle, single shot and with a 5 shot magazine. The WINDRUNNER, is the finest U. S.A manufactured fifty caliber rifle on the market today and recently tested at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds and Scout Sniper Instruction School with new applied technology designed by Bill & Keary Ritchie.

  • Remington triggers set at 2- 5lbs
  • Carbon One Graphite Barrels available.
  • All Guns 5 shot 1" minute of angle group at 1000 yards.
  • Effective range 3,000 yards.
  • The 5 shot model is as accurate as the single shot.
  • Steel barrel, with magazine, bipod and scope under 30lbs.
  • Tactical adjustable stock

For more detailed information on this and many other products, contact: First Defense International Group

Spetznaz All-Purpose Survival Tool

survival machete

Genuine all-purpose survival tool, previously available only to elite Spetznaz Special Forces and Soviet A.F. pilots! Perfect for hunters, sportsmen, survivalists, climbers, pilots and parachutists. Great for police, fire, rescue personnel, too. A terrific gift for businessmen in the 21st century corporate jungle! Get one now to keep the troops in line or for your next camping trip, ditty bag or the trunk of your car. 15" long, with 10", high carbon steel blade (our favorite for hefty chopping tools). Mil-spec, 1 1/2 lbs. and loaded with features...machete, knife, shovel, hammer, ice pick, saw, prybar, ruler, navigational sight, parachute cord cutter, screwdriver, wrench and much more! Serial-numbered. Lifetime warranty.
Price: $74
To order, contact: Sovietski Collection

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