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Pioneer Emergency Preparedness Products

  • Trouble is heading for America like a speeding freight train. Stay Out of Harm's Way!

"Bodyguard Home Page"

  • The International Association of Personal Protection Specialists

  • For the practical woman who is preparing for an unknown future.


  • Survivalism, Self reliance and Preparedness

Survive Alive

  • Adventure and Survival Training

The Year 2000 Disaster

  • The End of Civilization (As We Know It)?

Rocky Mountain Survival Group

  • a central database of practical, accurate, reliable and interesting news, articles and product information from all sources regarding self-reliance & survival.

The SurvivalRing Webring

  • is a set of websites with a common interest - to educate and inform

ATROPINE2M's Home Page 2

  • Great resources on Survival, Search & Rescue, Medical and Outdoors rec.



Champaign County Grassroots (ISRA) Website

  • The Illinois State Rifle Association's independent web page maintained by the local county organization.


  • a coalition of like minded groups, teams and individuals who believe in a form of survivalism known as the Tri-state philosophy.

Survivalist Home Page

  • Dedicated to the true Survivalist's of this world.

Wilderness Elite

  • Outdoor Skills & Survival Training

Jerry's Survival Page

  • Only the strong shall survive...

Thoughts on being prepared...

  • Emergency preparedness

Alpha Group

  • chain of linked web pages in the areas of Self reliance, Gun ownership rights, Alternate Energy, Natural living, and our Great Country's future.


  • Emergency Preparedness / Survival Instruction Literature Online. News, updates, PGP.

Banner to John's
                      Glock and Rappeling Page

Frugal Squirrels site

  • new to survival, need info, start here. Survival Bible 2001, Library, Books & Manuals.


  • for those outdoor enthusiasts interested in survival techniques or firearm information.

Survival 1's Homepage

  • for Patriots, Survivalists, and Gun Owners.


  • IAPPS is a professional, not-for-profit association comprised of Protective Service, Intelligence, Investigative, and Security Professionals from around the Globe, in both the Public and Private Sectors.

Hoods Woods

  • enter the woods curious, ...exit informed.

Self-Protection Page

  • by a Nashville cop; lots of good tips on avoiding trouble.

Thomas Register

  • major link about the US government with E-mail links to representatives -- try fighting within the system before fighting against it (your chances of survival are better).

SURVIVAL...A Beginning

  • Excellent Internet resource for the self reliant

The School of Self Reliance

  • Teaches outdoor skills and has a great resource section and newsletter

The Survivalist - Dave Paxton's Home Page

  • Good resource section

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country

  • Don't miss this if you live in So. California

Preparing For A Disaster

  • Information from FEMA

Purdue Weather Processor

  • Awsome satalite images


  • Newsgroup for survivalists

The Militia Watchdog

  • Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer!

Minuteman Press Index

  • Good Patriot magazine

Militia Web Sites

  • List of Militia realted links

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