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Paranoia, Suspicion, & Government Infiltration

by Meg

Paranoia, Suspicion, & Government Infiltration

I’d like to start off this article with a quote from an unknown source: "A little paranoia is a good thing." Having stated that, I’d like to say that things seem to be getting quite out of hand.

Running a Self-Reliance/Survivalist (SR/S) web site, founding a survivalist group called "Rocky Mountain Survival Group," and having been involved in SR/S activities for some years, I, too, have noticed a number of clicks and splurts on my telephone line, from time to time. I get at least two phone calls per day in which nobody says anything on the other end, and I have remote computers attempting to dial-in to my system. Now and then, I notice the occasional non-descript vehicle in my rear view mirror, as I tool about town. I even get mail & packages that I didn’t ask for, or that aren’t addressed to me.

But guess what? I noticed or received all of these things, long before I ever started becoming visibly involved in SR/S! It’s called "life," people, and weird things sometimes happen that have no covert or hostile significance. God help us if it ever stops - for life would become exceedingly boring!

I suppose it would help if I didn’t consistently buy the cheapest telephone I can find, but so what? A little mystery can be a good thing, too! Besides, I’ve got nothing to hide that I wouldn’t freely discuss with any proper government agency official presenting themselves with the appropriate court-ordered documents. I’m too busy to be paranoid! Let them listen-in all they want, if that’s what turns their crank. But who’s to say it’s really "them," and why should I care, either way?

I know, I know – all of you folks who think you have the right to privacy just stood up in front of your computers and screamed your entire vocabulary of derogatory terms at the screen. I didn’t hear it, but I know you did it. I believe in the right to privacy, but I also know that there’s very little I can do about it, if the government wants to abuse it. I’m not going to spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars "protecting" my phone lines with gadgets and gizmos. I just don’t see the point. Nor will I waste my breath protesting the infringement of this right to some bureaucracy that is going to smile benevolently at me, assure me that this sort of thing never happens, and then go on doing business as usual. I am a realist, not an activist.

The cheapest reliable car on the market, these days, is the mid-sized, zero option, plain package (non-descript) Chevy, Dodge, or Ford. Naturally, there are going to be millions of them on the road at any given time. Corporations use them, government agencies use them, and – you guessed it – I use one. They are cheap, comfortable, and fairly reliable. That’s why they sell! Simply noticing one in your rear-view mirror does not mean you are being tailed by the feds. Somebody is always following you – and chances are, they’re in a humble vehicle. Look around your neighborhood. Unless you’re living on Mercedes Row or in the BMW Village, chances are that every other neighbor owns one of these cars. Now, if they are following you into your driveway…

One of the acquired skills of the self-reliant survivalist is an awareness of his surroundings with an attention to detail a bit more developed than the average Joe. This is a very valuable survival tool – provided it is coupled with an equally developed ability to discriminate and evaluate the details we perceive. Automatically equating every coincidental occurrence as a threat is counter productive, and a little pathological. Survivalists develop their skills in order to operate efficiently in any manner of situation. Sustaining a constant state of paranoia/emergency is not exactly efficient.

The true survivalist is able to accept their surroundings and evaluate their situation in a relaxed and rational manner. This enables them to think clearly and develop ongoing strategies to improve their situation. Being constantly on guard and constantly worrying about what everybody else is doing will not only give you ulcers, but may prevent you from thinking about what you should be doing. Turning your head every which way in an attempt to see who is following/watching you will only give you a stiff neck, a constant headache, and lead to severe eyestrain. It’s rather difficult to concentrate on your environment (and the possibly real dangers) when you’re too busy trying to notice who’s noticing you. Take a chill-pill and learn to relax. You’ll feel better - trust me.

The Dreaded "Government Infiltrator"

Now this is just a bit too much. If you’ve got C-4, thermite, mortars and rocket launchers stored in your basement, I don’t want you living next door to me. If you’re planning on killing someone simply because you don’t agree with their politics, their religion, their sexual orientation, or the color of their skin, you are friggin’ insane, and I don’t want you living next door to me. As far as I’m concerned, if you fit these profiles (and a few others I can think of, with disgust), then you deserve to be infiltrated, caught, tried & locked up! Quit your whining.

You can think and learn all you want, and I won’t mind a bit – save to disassociate with you as far as possible. You’re not my kind of people and you’re decidedly NOT survivalists. Your actions invite destruction and elimination. They scream out for it.

Last I heard, intellectual knowledge was not illegal. If you think you are going to need claymore’s and rockets if/when civilization decides to exit, stage left, then by all means – learn what it takes to produce them. Nobody can fault you for knowing how to do something, and I certainly won’t. But when you start making or stockpiling dangerous explosive materials in your kitchen cupboard, or basement, or garage – or whatever – I’m afraid I’ve got to draw the line. You don’t need this stuff now! If things really do get bad enough to where you feel you need them, there will be plenty left lying about to scavenge for everyone. Do yourself (and the rest of us) a favor and forget about it.

As far as I know, there wasn’t any law against associating with like-minded individuals engaged in activities that pose no direct physical or fraudulent threat to others. You can delude yourselves and spew your hateful diatribe all you want - and any number of civil rights organizations will flock to your side to defend your right to make a blithering idiot of yourself. I don’t have to like it. That’s MY right and MY choice. But when you start planning to hurt others simply because they don’t look, think, or act the way you think they should, then you need to be watched. Planning and action have a funny way of following one another. Should you start to act on your ridiculously irrational plans, you need to be put down – swiftly, and with whatever amount of force is deemed necessary.

A true survivalist organization has nothing to fear from government infiltration – and much to learn from the infiltrators themselves. The government doesn’t send idiots undercover into what they view as a potentially dangerous situation. These people are bound to be intelligent and resourceful. Once they see that your organization poses no threat to the government or other folks, they may even be interested in joining the group as a bona fide member - one who stands an excellent chance of becoming one of the group’s best assets.

A well-prepared survivalist can sustain himself on little more than his wits and skills. A group of well-prepared survivalists does not have the need or desire for stockpiles of heavy weapons and munitions. In a post-catastrophe world, the greatest threat will be starvation, disease, and the wannabe Rambo survivalists/marauders. Better to stock up on food, medicine, medical and survival training, than arms, munitions, and paramilitary training. The Rambo-types can be dealt with through evasive actions and intelligent defensive tactics requiring little more than primitive techniques and equipment. Sooner or later, these groups will butt their thick heads together and wipe each other out. The remainder can be dealt with at that time. Knowledge and intelligence are as much a key to survival as are individual ability and skills. They will always prevail over crude force and reliance upon weaponry. And they aren’t illegal to "own."

If you are worried about government infiltrators, then you had better re-evaluate your own survival potential. Chances are, you are relying too heavily on the wrong skills and the wrong equipment.

An Exception Which Proves the Rule:

The only caveat to this is the "agent provocateur." This is an operative sent into your midst to compel a desired (usually illegal) action or foment dissention within the group. Either method results in the sure and quick dissolution of the group by death, imprisonment, or the more insidious lack of direction and faith in the group’s ability to survive a catastrophic event. Why anyone would want to do this to a good-faith survivalist group is anyone’s guess – but there it is. It happens. It’s the one thing you really need to guard against. I’ll post an article on this at a later date.

For now, I’ve said my piece, and feel a whole lot better for it. I’m certain this article will dredge up a great deal of witty repartee designed to increase my vocabulary. So bring it on, I can take it. Please don’t expect a response to anything but reasoned rebuttals or praise. I promise to read each and every response, though, as I’m sure it will be most amusing.

5 May 1998

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